Katy Perry: “quarantine or not, I’m going to throw the discus this year” | Music


For almost a week Katy Perry surprised the world with the announcement of Daisies, the first single from their fifth studio album, whose title is still unknown. It is one of the major questions that still remain about the project known as KP5 after that the californian has confirmed that the album will be for sale in 2020.

It has done for a direct on social networks. Through your profile official in Facebook the interpreter has shown its firm intention that this lp see the light before the end of 2020. “I definitely have to keep on being creative. In California, there are many rules and many ways of doing things. We’re not going to wait to go back to normal. In quarantine or not, I’m going to throw the discus this year because I’m not going to let the coronavirus prevent us from dancing, even if it is in our home,” explained the singer.

Katy Perry has already announced some months ago that this album was going to have a profound meaning for those people who have gone through some psychological problem, like depression he suffered last year. And what better time than this in which many people are going through a difficult time. In fact, the soloist has already explained that some songs “could vervir help and empower, and give hope and joy to people”.

Just have to wait a couple more days to enjoy the Daisies, the first single official of this album (we still don’t know what’s going to happen with Never really over, Small talk, Harleys in Hawaii and Never worn white). The next 15 may will be released throughout the world this song all the rumors indicate that it will be present Taylor Swift but at the moment there is no official confirmation.

It will be the first of the 13 songs which will include an album whose title, as we said, remains an open question. What yes has revealed Katy Perry are the first details of its most imminent song: “it Is a song to meet all the dreams that you have always had and all the things that you want to achieve. We have a lot of time to reflect and think about what you possibly thought seguiro in the past and as it will change in the future. This song is about doing that and go get your dreams”. Daisies includes this verse: “I guess you’re out of your mind ’til it actually happens”.

Three years have passed since Katy Perry put on sale their latest musical work of Witness, but by the end it seems that was KP5 has begun. Katy Perry is living one of the sweetest moments of his life both at a personal level and a professional level. The soloist californian is pregnant with her first child with Orlando Bloomwith who will get married in the next few months and is about to launch the fifth album of her career.