Matt Damon reveals that his eldest daughter was infected by the coronavirus



The american actor Matt Damon revealed on Tuesday that Alexia, his eldest daughter with the argentine Luciana Barroso, he contracted the coronavirus in the city of New York, where he studied at the university, but is already well of salur.

“Our eldest daughter is in college. Obviously it is closed, but it is in New York -the epicentre of the virus in the US-. At the beginning of all he had COVID-19, like its companions from home, but that’s ok,” revealed the actor and producer to talk about the 21 year old, product of a previous relationship of his wife.

Damon, Barroso and their three young daughters are confined in Ireland, where they had arrived days before they were imposed the rules of social isolation, to film a part of the film “The Last Duel” directed by Ridley Scott and where he shares credit with his friend and collaborator Ben Affleck.

In the interview with the program “Fully Charged”, the radio station PIN1038, the actor explained that Isabella, Gia and Stella, 13, 11 and 9 years, respectively, have not noticed many changes in your routine, as they had plans to stay “a long time in Dublin” traveled “with teachers so that it is not atrasaran in their studies”.

He acknowledged that this gives him something to “blame”, because the rest of their classmates are receiving their education digital.

During the talk, Damon joked that he knew the program had several days trying to speak with him, but decided to call the station when Bono, who is his neighbor in Dublin, he warned that what were are looking for.

Also his wife had insisted that he harken to the call of the program, that is transmitted from a very near the area in the south of Dublin, where is located the house that he rented for your stay.

The actor told in addition that the family plans to return in the next few weeks to his home in Los Angeles (USA), where they meet Alexia. Then will decide what to do.

“It is all very uncertain. Very crazy,” said Damon to talk about the future of the film industry, which is in a paralysis almost complete.