More teams go down from League Expansion


The Mexican Soccer federation (FMF) has made changes to eliminate the Ascent MX and put in place the League Expansionwhich limited the age of players. To be able to complete the number of teams, the management sent the invitation to the teams of the Liga MX to engage with franchises and players of basic forces.

We recommend: Sebastian Jury does not think playing in the League of Expansion.

There are some teams interested in participating, but for now there are no certainties or rules of how to play. The only thing that is known is that players under the age of 23 years who are enrolled in the League Expansion will be card only, which means that those players will be able to participate in both Liga MX as in the of Expansion.

According to information from the sports journalist David Medranoin the part of sports clubs as Puebla, Juarez, Monarchs and Necaxa have confirmed that they will not have a subsidiary in the League Expansion or Development by issues of budget. To be able to operate in this new tournament, they need at least 20 to 30 million pesos per season.

The last week had been informed that Tigers I had already informed the FMF that do not participate in the new format and will continue with their lower categories in the Liga MX. This was by decision of the coach Ricard Ferrettiwho sees the players that have not been consolidated at the age of 23 already have no future in the First Division.

One more in the Americateam that already had ready to operate a franchise in the League Expansioneven they had appointed a coach acting so that he could begin to recruit players for your team. The policy was that you stopped, since the money to operate is a lot and as is the current situation prefer to save.

While this happens with the computers of the Liga MXin the Ascent MX already starting to make the payment of 5 million pesos for finiquiten all your debts. The issue is that you only pay the teams that confirm their participation in the League Expansion or Development.

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