My Khalifa, known maybe the last video before you get out of the cinema for adults


Insurance stole sighs to more of a web surfer the beautiful Mia Khalifa since he appears wearing a thong and a top, while he makes a daring dance theme dub twerk may be the last video before you get out of the cinema for adults.

The video though already a few years old equally impressive, it is worth remembering that Khalifa retired from adult film in the year 2015, the same year in which he shared the video.

According to sources retired in early 2015the video in mention is of the month of January so she probably still continued doing those movies.

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However this video is not an official channel of mia so it is not known at what date was it that you did, it had to be before the January 28,.

Fortunately for her it only lasted a few months took the decision of get out of the middle and start a new life but is always associated with that type of movies constantly.

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Including product of his fame has managed to have a greater number of fans who perhaps are always with the nostalgia of their memories and hope you decide to return to making movies for adults.

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Thanks to its popularity many of his followers then to know her “formal” way and outside of the industry were delighted with your personality, charisma and intelligence, which has helped them in their own businesses.

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In the video in mention Mia is featured wearing a g-string color black get to your hips, in addition to a top in white color with round neck that provocha that their attributes stick out a bit, also has a tail high which makes it look more attractive

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