Oh Adele you feel ashamed of your new physical appearance!


The interpreter ‘Rolling in the Deep’, Adele, has captured the eyes of the media and social networks after having lost more than 45 kilos in the last year, looking unrecognizable when you show your new physical appearanceand although for many it looks spectacular, what is certain is that the british are ashamed of their change, said a source close to the magazine Heat World.

And is that, as was to be expected, after a major change, all eyes fall on Adele, and although being with friends and family, it feels completely full and happy; being surrounded by strangers, the shame takes hold of it, because they do not like to hog the attention of all present. Adele found the attention very shameful and still shrinks when it enters a room and all eyes are on her. She admits that although you can now look better than ever, it is incredibly conscious of his appearance and sometimes you find it hard to believe that it looks as good as people say it does“said the source.

Also, the friend close to the singer revealed that it is working to build the self-confidence that is so needed, “She says she feels anxious whenever that comes out, has never felt really comfortable with all the attention. Your friends are really trying to work hard to convince her that she is beautiful and help you to develop your self-confidence, but it’s going to take a while” said the source.

The new life style of Adele

It is worth mentioning that, in order to achieve the new physical aspect that now has it, Adele had to change his style of life full, well now you exercise constantly and eats healthily, in addition, has left the alcohol and the cigar; this, also, by the operation he suffered in the vocal cords a few years ago.

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There is No doubt that Adele has surprised more than one with this new change, which will continue to give much to talk about; however, the most important thing for many is that the artist has been an inspiration to a great number of followers.