Pete Davidson Reveals New Movie ‘The King Of Staten Island,’ Is A ‘Love Letter To My Mom’


Pete Davidson Reveals New Film ‘King Of Staten Island,’ Is A ‘Love Letter To My Mom’

Pete Davidson has revealed his new movie the King of Staten Island it is a “love letter to your mom.” The Saturday Night Live comic stars in the Judd Apatow-directed film, which apparently is a version details of autobiographical events that have occurred in your life. The movie is a story of love, loss, treatment and healing of a family. The story hits home for the actor known for his offbeat observations about life in the late-night comedy sketch series.

“My character in the film is, probably, about 75 percent of me,” Pete revealed in a Instagram video as seen below. “Maybe more. I can’t really say.”

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who is pete davidson? find out why your life is the inspiration of @juddapatow’s #thekingofstatenisland.

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The story tells the story of 24 years, slacker Scott Carlin, who was unable to process the untimely death of his father, which occurred when he was a child. Scott lives at home with his mother of Margie (Marisa Tomei) and her sister Claire (Maude Apatow). He spent his days smoking marijuana with his friends, played by actors Ricky Velez, Moises Arias, Lou Wilson. He dreamt of becoming a tattoo artist. Scott’s life was turned upside down when her mother started an affair with a local fire (Bill Burr), the first man that she had had a romantic relationship with since the death of Scott’s father.

Judd Apatow, the film’s screenwriter and director that it was 90 pages of jokes and turned into a screenplay commented that Pete’s story was relatable to anyone who has overcome the difficulties in their lives in the video above.

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#Repost @juddapatow: Five weeks until The King of the Island of Staten. I am very excited for everyone to see. It feels strange to put a movie in this time, but I think that what you have to say refers to what we are all experiencing and hopefully it is fun too. @thekingofstatenisland photo by @lloydbishop

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“This is not a story about 9/11, but it’s a story about a young boy whose father, a firefighter died while fighting a fire,” said Judd. “In many ways, it is a fact of imagining what Pete’s life would have been if he did not find the comedy and he was still in Staten Island in his mid-20s, it’s not going anywhere.”

Judd revealed that the idea for the film came after Pete mentioned that he wanted his mom to be in a relationship and to be happy. This became a story of what would happen if Scott’s mom started dating a fireman, and how that revelation would ultimately affect the character.

Fans are familiar with Pete’s tongue-in-cheek characterizations in Saturday Night Live , as well as their time in the glare of media attention due to his romance with Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Kaia Gerber. This film is a way of seeing the comedian in a unique light. Judd revealed that despite his eccentric personality, is with Pete, someone interested in people and sympathetic.

The comedian has been honest in her struggles with borderline personality disorder, Crohn’s Disease, and drug addiction. He was upfront about his health problems on a 2017 Weekend Update segment as we have seen above.

The film was originally intended to premiere in theaters, but due to the

coronavirus pandemic, it will take you directly to the streaming service starting on June 12.

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