Pornhub gets to the heart of the film: offers pass festival of German film


The platform of online video Pornhub, specializing in the pornographic content, he offered his service to transmit via web to the German festival Oldenburg Film Festival.

With 26 years of experience as an exhibitor of tapes considered avant-garde and quirky tributes to celebrities, as described by Variety; he had to cancel his edition 2020 given the pandemic that prevents the realization of mass events.

The offer was extended by the Vice-president of Porn Hub, Corey Price, who approached the organisers of the festival a week after announcing the cancellation of the same. With its completion originally scheduled for September, is evaluating combining projections online and physical.

According to details Variety, this is another sample of interest on the part of Pornhub by usher in the movie theater. While the festival of Oldenburg is of a smaller scale than the Berlin wall, is regarded as the “Sundance German”, and in 2019, premiered a short film of the platform -the so-called Her&Him- which was directed by Bella Thorne.

“We would love to raise the event to something more than just view the content online and take advantage of the digital format to engage audiences around the world,” said Price when communicating with the festival. “This will provide a viewing experience very different,” said the Vice president of Pornhub as logs Variety.

For their part, the representatives of the Film Festival in Oldenburg, have not issued comments on the matter.