Quibi, bite-size content for our little breaks :: TECNONEWS

The good, if brief, twice good” might as well be the maximum Quibia new service of streaming video a month ago was released in the united States.

One more” we could think of, that comes to join a market over-saturated: that if Netflix, if Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO,… all with its exclusive, but that does not cease to be content. But no, Quibi not looking for even a spectrum of targeted audience, but seeks the consumption of its contents at certain times and through a particular device.

The device is the smartphone, and the moments are those of great solace that we have throughout the day, of ten minutes as much. So it is that its contents are intended precisely to last ten minutes at most, and are optimized to be viewed on the screen of our phone.

In any part, at any time, when we can. Going in a bus, waiting in the dentist’s office, or in line at the bank, we can see an episode of a series, or a small reportage/documentary. There is everything in Quibi, both fiction and reality, drama, and humor, reality tv and care documentary.

In fact, the name of the service already gives us a clue of what he pursues: Quibi responds to “quick bites”, bite-size quick.

Quibi was released in the united States this past April 6, and it is not yet known when it will come to the Spanish market with content adapted, translated, and production properly designed for the Spanish market, but in the USA has started strong, with names like Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, Kristen Bell and Nick Jonas among the protagonists of Thanks a milliona show in the one of the protagonists in each episode donates $ 100,000 to someone who has caused a great impact on your life.

We also have Laurence Fishburne (the Morphing of the Matrix) and Skeet Ulrich among the protagonists of #FreeRayShawn, a police drama, or Anna Kendrick and Rob Corddry in Dummy, a zany comedy. Or also Sophie Turner and Liam Hemsworth on other shows.

The price of this service is, as its contents, reduced: $ 4.99 per month, with the first two weeks free.

Surely, Quibi do not seek to monopolize our sessions of leisure, or even be the only video service to the payment card that we have hired, but to complement those options, like Netflix, have contracted, to enjoy at home, on Sunday afternoons, or days of every day in the evening, can take advantage of those little moments of entertainment that give us the breaks in our day-to-day.

To see if the other streaming services also copied to the philosophy of Quibi and begin to offer those “small bites” of content to complement their offer with conventional.