Rumors of pregnancy for Kourtney Kardashian… the ditch of a sudden admitting that he has filled out


The warnings that we have heard these days about the amount of kilos that we could fatten during the isolation if we do not cut with the tantalizing visits to the kitchen, you have come to the family Kardashian. Yes, because the last pictures that you have shared Kourtney have led to a series of erroneous theories with which it has had to respond by admitting that, the only thing that happens to your body is that has gained weight.

But let’s go to the beginning. Yesterday Kourtney hung in his account of Instagram a few images in bikini. A couple of snapshots posing in his mansion in which he taught his body and gave the welcome to summer, to the time which he greeted his followers with those pictures that both appreciate of your daily life.

Shortly after that appeared on their wall, one of his followers warned that something had changed in her, and dared to launch the claim that the ‘celebrity’ she would be pregnant. And you already know that, once someone offers the rumor, which circulates at the speed of light is a matter of seconds.

I’ve given birth three times and this is the shape of my body”

However, she was very quick to cut to the root of that conjecture. How? Admitting that he has gotten out of hand the topic of the food in these weeks of confinement, and making an unqualified statement: “This is me when I have a few extra poundsand I love it. I’ve given birth three times and this is the shape of my body.”

No, not now, sorry, but has no plans to raise the family. With three, all of them children from a previous partner, Scott Disickhas enough… for the moment.