Shakira surprises to Pique with a new change of look … Look how he looks!


You can’t miss one of the movies most iconic of this wonderful couple of famous, and is apparently Shakira has changed her look and has asked the opinion to Pique At What he would have liked?

Since the year 1990, Shakira it has been commissioned to demonstrate the great talentazo that owns and although at that time was only a young man, now at 43 years of age has been shown to be an incredible example to follow.

As we’ve been able to give account, Shakira it has been commissioned to show that it is an incredible songwriter, singer, dancer, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, in addition to having a beautiful family with two precious children.

In addition to everything listed above, the famous is an icon in beauty and fashion. For proof of this, we can appreciate in this short video with your new change of look, still as beautiful as always.

What the famous do not know, is that your beloved life partner was behind her, delighting in all of its beauty, but still Shakira did not resist and asked that has it like their new style.

And he being a man of few words, he responded: “Very well love, excellent ¡Vamonos!”. This made Shakira made a gesture so peculiar and funny that We hope that you Pique you do not have problems!