So was the movie Batman v Superman cancelled in 2001 with Jude Law and Colin Farrell

Long before the version of Batman v Superman that we could see in the cinemas in charge of Zack Snyder with the actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as the main protagonists, we worked on a film project that sought to adapt a colossal clash between superhero DC the responsibility of the filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen (Trojan) and I had the actors Colin Farrell and Jude Law as Batman and Superman, respectively, together with a script very, very dark. So he has shared the director and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery) in a recent interview, offering many details of what I had in mind for a movie that never came to fruition.

Colin Farrell and Jude Law as Batman and Superman

Thus, in the year 2001 Warner Bros. had in mind to adapt stories from the comics in which Batman and Superman have faced off for one reason or another, it is undoubtedly a claim for the fans of both characters and superheroes in general. This had the director Wolfgang Petersen (Troy), screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven) and the actors Colin Farrell as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jude Law as Clark Kent/Superman.

Soon took over as the writer Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery), who, as we say, has now shared its ideas for a script that presented a much darker the one we saw in the most recent adaptation of both superheroes: “I Wrote this version of Batman v Superman in which Colin Farrell was chosen to play Batman, Jude Law to play Superman, and Wolfgang Petersen was going to direct it”.

“We were in pre-production and going to be the thing darker than you had ever seen. It began with the funeral of Alfred, Bruce had fallen in love with and had given up to be Batman, the Joker murdered his wife and then you find out that everything was a lie; that is the very love it was created by the Joker to break to Bruce,” explains the screenwriter.

To all of this, Goldsman compare your script with the comics The World’s Finest DC: “it Was really The World’s Finest, a dark mode and interesting. I think that might have been charming. On the other hand, even a part of me is sad because it does not do the Superman Nic Cage. So, I guess, in all that period of time, there were victories that were and losses that were avoided,” he concludes, laughing.

The new Batman will be interpreted by the actor Robert Pattinson in the new movie Matt Reeves planned for the end of 2021.

Source | Collider