TBT: Shakira with red hair, and moving hips in a full tv What they saw their children?


Shakira turns 20 years of trauectoria in music, with a few early sorprendetes, not only in music but also in fashion. Do you remember those years? Look at one of the last videos shared on social networks. How different it is!

Shakira it is one of the great icons of pop music, turned to Colombia, his native country. Since the 90s, the singer surprised his entire audience fan with your music and up, her changes of outfits.

Without a doubt, colombia has managed to grow in the entertainment world, touring the world, knowing different cultures and to shape their songs and albums to the new modern societies.

Since he began his career in music, Shakira has gone through several facets: from ballads to rock, from there to the pop classics of the 2000s, even reggaeton, as one of his last songs, ‘I like you’ next to Anuel AA.

But this transformation, as mentioned above, also modified its way of being, dressing and more than anything the look of your hair! From brunette, to brown, blonde and red-haired, again and again, every year, according to the tastes and fashions.

The ups and downs of dyes in the hair of Shakira.

The most-loved (and never returned) is red. In the last few hours, fans of Shakira recalled this moment of life of the singer, precisely when he was on the tv and dancing like only she knows how to do.

Does the colombian will be shown to the player Gerard Pique and their children their early beginnings in the music and what it looked like in those years?