“That’s crazy”: don Facundo Ambrosioni and an enigmatic message on its separation of More Rial!

From that More Rial and Facundo Ambrosioni they separated a few weeks ago, both don’t stop sharing suggestive phrases in the network by referring to the bad relationship they had. In this short span of time, the media accused him of to have a relationship toxic and do not pass the food share corresponding to your child Francesco. The footballer, for his part, ignores their indirect but writes to other by Twitter.

What about the last? “Be happy, that’s crazy to others”, put Facundo. In addition we did retuit to another message that read: “Today the that doesn’t add or bring anything positive, pa’ out.” And also to a phrase that he shared the singer of reggaeton Karol G “Time teaches us that if someone comes into our life is because a purpose brought… that it goes, it goes! and his mission is fulfilled. What good is kept and the bad is forgotten”.

Days earlier had also left other cryptic messages on the social network of the bird. One said “Everything happens for something,” and the other “There are people so poor, that the only thing you have in life is money”. By this last phrase, it had many drawbacks as the followers of More gave to understand that they were for her and began to insult. Received so many grievances that had to censor some comments.

Rumors of pregnancy

Despite being separated and be dismal, More Rial and Facundo Ambrosioni went recently a rumor that they would be expecting their second child. It was then that Jorge Rial share photos with Francesco and ensure that did not break the quarantine, but had to go find the nene to the house of the media because she had to go to the doctor. This raised suspicions that he might have had to go to the obstetrician.

“Pregnant? not guys. Or fart to party, what of who? It would be like the Virgin Mary, more or less,” he said More between laughter in a Intagram Live making it clear that there is the possibility of bringing another baby into the world at this time. “I had to go to the doctor guys, no matter the reasons, but I had to go to the doctor”, he said then, without ever revealing what had happened to him.

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