The confidentiality agreements of Lady Gaga, Barbra Streisand and Elton John, in danger: a few ‘hackers’ threaten the lawyer of the ‘celebrities’


Allen Grubmanone of the lawyers most famous among the stars of music and cinema, world-class is in dire straits. The reason, an attack of a few ‘hackers’ that threaten to bring to light the private information of the great standards of its clientele, including Lady Gaga, Barbra Streisand or Elton John.

The hackers claim to have in their power, having attacked the database of the firm for which he works Allen and is headquartered in New York, 756 gigas with confidential information, and ask 21 million dollars (something more than 19 million euros) by not exposing that information. And to see that they are not going to bluff, have posted a screenshot of what would be a contract with the very Madonna.

While the FBI is investigating to stop this blackmail and ensure that we safeguard the privacy of the customers of Grubman, this has been reported that all their clients have been duly informed, in a personal way, of what is happening and the scope of some events very serious that would cost dearly to those ‘hackers’ if the relevant authorities are able to hunt them down.

Several u.s. media confirm that, among those documents in the possession of the ‘hackers’, there is sensitive material such as “employment contracts, confidentiality agreements and agreements of support for the bigger stars of New York and Hollywood”. Without a doubt, a predicament complicated to manage and that may give rise to one of the greatest public scandals of the judicial history recent. They added that they would have neglected its security to be focused 100% on problems arising from the crisis of the coronavirus.

The firm has issued a statement to confirm the facts in which we can read: “We can confirm that we have been victims of a cyber attack. We have notified our customers and our staff. We have hired the best global experts specialising in this area, and we are working 24 hours to address this issue.”