The incredible story of the rugbier argentino that he approached Serena Williams on the Olympic Games in Rio and not recognized


Axel Muller, rugbier of the Pumas 7s, and a story with Serena Williams at Rio 2016 Credit: Instagram @axelmllr

Axel Müller

is an argentine athlete who plays


for the club


, of France, and participated, with

The Pumas 7s

in the

Olympic Games


de Janeiro, in 2016.

On that event, recalls an incredible story with the american tennis player

Serena Williams

. “As soon as we arrived to the villa [olímpica] we had been given a few pins to exchange with other countries and we were waiting for the other guys to finish to make the


to enter, and then, suddenly, comes a girl,” he said, ” rugbier in an interview with



“I have the backpack and says to me,’


what is this?”, continued


, who replied that it was the

Union Argentina de Rugby

because they played that sport and they were argentines.

The athlete, yet even, asked where it was and what sport I was playing. She answered that it was

United States

and played


. When


I was going to ask you for pins to his manager to exchange with the professional in question, she said she looked at him with a teammate and fell in the account that it was the iconic tennis player. “It is

Serena Williams

“, they said.

“Obviously I knew who he was but that was like the first shock of being in the

Olympic Games

where might you find with all the athletes but it does not arrive to imagine that they are there”, he explained.