The Jordan Dome, the stadium where Michael Jordan played their best matches


In 1995 there was a field on which they played the best basketball in the world. The called Jordan Dome and it was a track portable located in the parking lot of the Warner Bros. He was there throughout the filming of the movie Space Jam and served for that Michael Jordan juntase to your people and trust-level players to stay in shape while filming with Bugs Bunny and company.

Michael Jordan had just returned from his adventure in the Minor Leagues of baseball and wanted to regain the sensations on the court, so he used this huge white tent to go making contact with the ball… and finish by starring in the hottest parties remembered by many of the participants. The facilities had a track official size (brought up there the parquet of the court of Long Beach University), weight room, a green golf, a recreational area with a television, card table, music equipment, locker rooms and any detail that Michael Jordan needed to feel at home.

An All-Star Game a day (but seriously)

The agent of MJ, David Falk, was in charge of talking with their partners and get players that represented to send them to the Jordan Dome. Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Grant Hill, Juwan Howard, Dennis Rodman, Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, Rod Strickland, Gary Payton, Charles Oakley, Cedric Ceballos, Tracy Murray… until Magic Johnson eventual shape. The routine was always the same. At seven in the evening all gathered at the Jordan Dome to play in matches of five-against-five to seven points, in which all the baskets were worth one point and each pitaba their own faults. “What amazed me really was that Jordan could record all day and still going to play games during os or three hours. The majority of matches started at 19 and ended at 22. The next day I had to be on set at 5 or 6 in the morning”explains Reggie Miller in the magazine Slam. Sometimes, after two or three hours of matches, several players remained on the premises working on your individual technique, including Michael.

In addition, the Jordan Dome had even with their particular celebrity row, in which met and famous people of the cinema that passed through the studios of the Warner Bros and had some affinity with Michael Jordan or any of the big fish related Space Jam. From Halle Berry to Kevin Costnerpassing by Arnold Schwarzenegger, LL Cool J or Queen Latifah. Hollywood was present. The same celebrities that were cited at the meetings of The los Angeles Lakers during the season did now in the parties of MJ.

Competitiveness in a pure state

However, the presence of celebrities and the environment film surrounding all did not obviate tension and competitiveness to the games. “I especially remember a day in which Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan, who had a rivalry dormant, they were very serious. There was a moment in which the two teams we just wanted to stay a side and watch the duel. They began to provoke each other very much,”, account Tracy Murray. Reggie Miller confirms it. “Michael and I used to go to one by the other. Always wanted to be on the team opposite to that of MJ. My goal in these matches was to find some weak point of that power play when we were to meet in the regular season or the playoffs. Although I have to say that I never found any because he never had defects”.

None of the players took it as a joke. In fact, all they wanted to see if Michael Jordan was truly serious with that go back to the courts, or the whole thing was a pantomime advertising to give more hype to the film. Everyone wanted to play and see if Michael was serious. And truly it was so. Definitely going in earnest with the return-to-play, to again be himself and win another three-peat”features Tim Hardaway in the american magazine. “His goal was the three-peat and he got it. I think it also had something in it that I wanted to see if it is still continued to be the best or if there really was someone who could stand up”.

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