The leggings favorite of Jennifer Lopez are in this brand of fitness that sweeps on Instagram


With crazy prints, manufacturing eco and a pattern that slims the silhouette, the actress has tens in his power (cul ms flashy)

Updated 14/05/2020 03:13

All the looks from Jennifer Lopez are the subject of headline, and also the sports. And is that the styling of the celebrity to train cause so much expectacin as their appearances on the red carpet. If there is a garment that has multiplied the lookups in Google since I started confinement that have been the leggings. In their publications at home during the quarantine or during their sessions in the exclusive gym SoMi Fitness Miami, it is clear that JLo has become the screens in one of its seals of identity. But the actress and singer is not satisfied with any one, that a fan of the brand Niyama Sun.

The enviable abdomen of Jennifer Lopez – as a result of a comprehensive training – has been eclipsed. The reason is no other than the eye-catching leggings the protagonist of Scammers of Wall Street choose for her outfits in sports. Vibrant colors, patterns, ethnic or animal print and even the lyrics of some of his songs adorn the meshes of the artist, already famous in the network. No, definitely the simplicity doesn’t go with it.

Jennifer Lopez with a set sports Niyama Sun.
Jennifer Lopez with a set sports Niyama Sun. Niyama Sun

Behind this extensive collection of apparel fitness is the sports firm Niyama Sun, with which the singer has come to collaborate diseando its own line. Their colorful designs will beckon you to motivate you, although the exercise routine that you expect to be as hard as Jennifer Lopez. Squats splitups , sit ups, boxing, or Fit ball part of your table weekly.

Jennifer Lopez with tights, patterned, Niyama Sun.
Jennifer Lopez with tights, patterned, Niyama Sun. Gtresonline

“Niyama Sun was conceived with the idea of inspire and inspire us in the world around us, full of color and always changing. We were inspired by stunning beaches, tops of mountains nebulae, rooms for yoga and streets full of graffiti. We are espritus free, lovers and warriors with a passion for travel,” highlight from the brand. The sustainability is also very present in his collections. The garments are manufactured in ms 80% with PRET-a-porter, “a fiber-very durable and lightweight made with polister and water bottles are recycled”.

Jennifer Lopez with a set fitness Niyama Sun.
Jennifer Lopez with a set fitness Niyama Sun. Gtresonline

To combine them, a top lower case and a few glasses of XL tend to be the option of the new yorker. Or in the gym JLo neglected his aura of superstareven taking to train one of their bags from Herms. To delve deeper into his style, beyond the realm of sports, don’t miss the next galley.