The original way of announcing the date of the album of Katy Perry | Music


Without a doubt, the music evolves at the pace at which technologies evolve. Of promoting traditional music we have gone the most viral thanks to social networks and the latest advances like the wizards of voice have also become tools for artists. Thanks to Alexa of Amazon, we discovered that the fifth album of study of Katy Perry will be published on the August 14.

An account of fans of the californian on Twitter had the original idea to ask when he was going to put on sale this highly anticipated album. The answer could not be more clear: “Katy has asked me to tell you that her album will be released on the 14th of August. Be sure to follow Katy Perry on Amazon Music for more details”.

For those who think that it could be a leak or a misunderstanding, specialized media such as Billboard have confirmed that the disk is scheduled for that August 14 released under the label Capitol Records.

Katy Perry to fulfill the sign purpose that we are made partakers of this end of the week when he confirmed that the album would see the light in this 2020 to pass and what to pass: “I Definitely have to keep on being creative. In California, there are many rules and many ways of doing things. We’re not going to wait to go back to normal. In quarantine or not, I’m going to throw the discus this year because I’m not going to let the coronavirus prevent us from dancing, even in our homes”.

We’ll just wait a little longer to begin to discover how it sounds is the new music project of the soloist from california. Daisies it is the first single official of this new album (we still don’t know what’s going to happen with Never really over, Small talk, Harleys in Hawaii and Never worn white) and there are only hours to discover if Taylor Swift plays a role in this song.

Three years have passed since Katy Perry put on sale their latest musical work of Witness. A stage which closes now with KP5, the title of which final time is not known Alexa to just ask. Thus closes one of the toughest stages for the singer who confessed that he had suffered a severe depression for the results of the lp.