The reason why they initially rejected Henry Cavill


Photo: Netflix

Today it is difficult to imagine another actor that is not Henry Cavill playing the witch hunter of monsters, Geralt of Rivia in the adaptation of Netflix of The Witcherbut what is certain is that almost cannot take the role due to his insistence.

According to a report ScreenRant, or well learned that the giant of the streaming was thinking in bringing to the small screen the work of the Polish Andrzej Sapkowski, the English, who knew the story and the characters rather well, is a big fan of video games, pushed their agents to get a meeting with the showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, which at that time still didn’t have the script ready and I didn’t even know how it was going to be the series.

Apparently, the insistence of the former Superman and his men was such that the creator of the strip, he found the order as “annoying”, since that didn’t see sense to the fact of seen the faces so early in the development of the strip, and decided to refuse to Cavill.

Photo: Netflix

However, a couple of months later, when Lauren Schmidt Hissrich was working on the script, he began his search for the Geralt of Rivia correct. More than 200 actors have tried their luck and read the paper, but the voice of Henry Cavill was trapped in his head while writing down the lines of the character, so that he finally agreed to meet him for an audition properly and the rest is history.

The second season of The Witcher will be released at some point in 2021.