– The sister of Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina, gets cheeky on Instagram – News Mexico


The sister of Cardi B, 24 years old, is laughing out loud, no nonsense. The influential lover of fun, he showed him to millions of fans with what is working on Instagram, Wednesday night. The star of 5 feet and 1 inch was wearing an elegant long-sleeved shirt and left her hair long and dark, falling well below her waist in her selfie rearview mirror. Usually, the hair of the top has a negative connotation, but not in this case.

Looking back

We have No idea of what the scripture says on your shirt, but we’re buying what she sells! His admirers, too, seemed captivated by the photo, spicy and tried to yell in the comments of your publication.

Never forget your skills twerking expert

Let me remind you that Hennessy knows how to make it move and threw his name into the hat for the best twerker of the game in February. Wearing a set of pajamas to a game that hugged her dangerous curves and left very little to the imagination.