The technical beauty of Priyanka Chopra which you want to copy

Priyanka Chopra reveals to us some of their habits, to preserve the freshness and attractiveness of your skin, and still look fantastic at 37. These routines that you’re about to learn will ensure the preservation of that beauty of which it can boast.

Since his leap from Bollywood to Hollywood, in 2015, the beautiful actress india has not ceased to be news. In fact, her wedding with Nick Jonas, was held at the end of last year, was one of the most anticipated 2018. Its undeniable attractiveness, which made her win the title of Miss World 2000, is just one of the attributes that has allowed him to conquer a position very enviable in the constellation of stars from the mecca of american cinema.

Priyanka Chopra at the event Beautycon Los Angeles©Getty Images
The actress reveals that her serene beauty is the result of the perseverance and follow certain traditions of the women of her family

Among his claims, he stresses that it has been a great learning to recognize the nature of their craft, referring to the reality vs. the fantasy that stands in front of the camerasas agree that not everything is what it seems. To be recognized as one of the most beautiful, 2019, in the magazine People, gave an interview in which he said: “Now I know what it takes to come out pretty on a magazine cover and the work that we do. This is how I realized that the physical is not everything, is the confidence with which you enter a room, it is the ability to do your job by giving the most of yourself.”

Attention is called to this witness expresses a girl that argues that always struggled with low self-esteem, that prior to participating in the beauty contests you opened the doors, was the victim of bullying by its appearance and color.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at event of John Varvatos©Getty Images
His new status as a married offers a perspective more mature about the important things like inner beauty

The picture of Priyanka pointing to the natural beauty that takes care of the details. At any opportunity, he also referred to the influence that it has had your family in their decisions, especially his mother, who was the promoter of his careerand his example to follow: “I Grew up being aware of the importance of taking care of yourself and never instilled in me that anything out of vain, for my mother has been very important to take care of”.

For that reason, from a young age, has followed rigorously to a ritual, simple but effective, consisting only of three steps: “I make sure to use moisturizer on a daily basis, withdraw all of the makeup before I go to bed, and –very important– drink lots of water because that is really the elixir of life”.