This is the multi-million dollar yacht in the traveling tiny babies Karol G and Anuel AA


The bebecita, Karol G, the order taught the luxurious yacht that travels along your promised Anuel AA I have plenty of money!

Karol G currently has positioned itself very well in the music world, thing that has led it to be known at the global level and is that his reputation has also grown thanks to your photos and videos last tone in his account of Instagram.

The bebecita likes to be seen and to always feel beautiful and empowered, and this gives him to know every time you post something new on their social networks, because regardless of who is in house, she never fails to look good.

This pair of lovebirds is apparently not endured over the running of the bulls in their luxurious mansion, and now chose to travel in their costosísimo yacht to kill the boredom and at the last publication the interpreter “Tusa” he was enjoying his nice walk in the private sea. Oh, how luxurious!

Despite the fact that these two celebrities of the reggaeton they offered messages to their fans to stay at home to safeguard your health, tiny babies they forgot the confinement and along with their friends celebrated the birthday of his friend and colleague “RobGz.

Despite the fact that RobGz just as we get to know in the world of music with his theme music “The never-ending story”this young man has been one of the most old and faithful friends Anuelin fact it is said that he was one of their singers in the past.