We enter the mansion of Elsa Pataky in Australia, where it is passing the quarantine


If we had to choose a place on the planet where you can spend the quarantine, the house of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth in Australia would be in the list of many of us. A veritable paradise at the foot of the beach, surrounded by palm trees and wild vegetationwhere the married couple settled to raise their children away from the cameras and the madding crowd.

Located in an area of more than four hectares in the federal reserve Broken Headan hour and a half drive from Brisbane, this mansion of more than 18 million euros in Byron Bay it is the perfect place to grow her three young: India, eight years, and the twins Tristan and Sasha, who just turned 6.

The house has absolutely everything: games room, cinema and fireplace, a gym for that Thor does not lose the physical form, a kitchen where you could experience and, of course, an infinity pool with views to the pool and the sea.

In short, a paradise this marriage, one of the most solvent of Hollywood, built with all luxury of details and now, thanks to the confinement, we have been able to learn a little more on the inside.

The kitchen

One of the parts of the house that we have seen during these days is the large family kitchen. A space in which we have been able to discover a new facet of Pataky, the chef of pizza, one of the entertainments with which has kept busy to their children.

Some children imaginative and unstoppable that there are obstacles to achieving their most precious treasures (candy-like).

A kitchen that is complete with an island finished in breakfast bar open to the living room and with a feeling of spaciousness unmatched.

The living room

The living room, apart from the kitchen area, has three other large spaces. One of dining roomto receive more than a dozen of his friends, and two of hall, with large sofas and where you can organize parties, meetings and even clubs improvised.

The entire stay is surrounded by large windows, where it enters a incredible light and provide a wonderful feeling of being in the middle of the jungle.

The garden

The house, built as we said in the middle of a natural reserve, you do not need large gardens for residents to sit in the middle of nature. With the manicured lawns and everything of white color, wood untreated and minimalist. We love it.

Terrace with views

And how not, the views from the terrace and from virtually any angle of the house are amazing: the sea, the beach, the reserve… Look where you look, the place is the best chosen of the earth.

The pool

And as colophon, the swimming pool, infinity and turquoise.

A house that does not leave never although an end to the quarantine.