We must not allow it to continue marginalizing the western culture


Western civilization, as important to earlier generations, is being ridiculed, abused, and marginalized, often without any reason consistent… The movement of climate change is also riddled with alleged anti-western, demonizando capitalism, development and growth, all of them supposedly concepts “western”. As a minimum it should serve as a warning to view the carbon emissions from new coal-fired power plants continue being built every month in China. Clear that it is much more comfortable campaigning against western governments and democratic to take the fight to Beijing or Delhi, which is where today could make a real difference to emissions. When Greta Thunberg to report to Xi Jinping and the chinese Communist Party outside of the Great Hall of the People, be worthy of our respect; until then, you’re just playing the blame the west, as all the other critics demagógicos of the West, so idolised by the left. This left should be more careful with what she says want, and should allow western civilization back to be taught again in our schools and universities.

British historian Andrew Roberts, in National Review, commenting on the importance of maintaining the teaching of western culture in the education programs, a subject that comes being a victim of the process of “de-construction” of past years