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Mau and Ricky make up the duo’s most popular music urban thanks to a lartga trajectory in which they have been writers, musicians and producers. Now have with great success.

Safe at a party danced to “Unknown”, “Mouth”, “My Bad”, Do You sound? because the officers that beat are precisely Mau and Ricky and here we tell you some things that are not wise of them:

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Ricky 21 November 1990 and Mau on August 17, 1993.

They are the children of the singer Ricardo Montaner and filmmaker Marlene Rodríguez and the brothers of Evaluna Montaner, who is also a singer.

Mauricio Sebastian Reglero Rodriguez and Ricardo Andres Reglero Rodriguez are their names.

Began studying music at 4 and 6 years, respectively, and sang in the church choir.

Formed part of the band Ricardo Montaner in which made countless tours, Mau as a drummer and Ricky as a first guitar.

“I’ll go behind you” was the album that made his presence known in 2014 and in 2016 took stronger with “I’m going to burn it”.

“MR” is as they were known in their early days, then opted for “Mau and Ricky.”

His mom Marlene Rodriguez who is a famous venezuelan filmmaker he has directed all his music videos.

In his facet as producer, they created the hit “Vente pa ca” Ricky Martin and Maluma.

They have been the authors of such hits as “Without Pyjamas” Becky G, “For the remainder of life” Thalia, “1, 2, 3” Sofia Reyes, “I don’t have a boyfriend” Sebastian Yatra” and many more.

Have colabordo with great exponents of the same gender as: Karol G, Becky G, Sebastian Yatra, Manuel Turizo and Camilo.

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With my brother.

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Taking the name of Camilo with whom to collaborate on the topics of “Unknown” and “The Mouth”, it turns out that he is her brother-in-law, then recently married his sister Evaluna.

“My Bad” was the song that catapulted him in 2018 same in collaboration with Karol G.

“Sing to me, Mau and Ricky” What You might have heard of that phrase? Exact, is the phrase that begins the song “The Mouth” it turns out that this phrase is from a fan, and I loved it so much I promised to make it a part of a song and it was met.

They think that the state most beautiful of the human being is when he is in love, so love life as a couple. Mau is married to Sara Escobar, who will soon have their first baby. Ricky for his part began a relationship with Stefania Roitman.

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On the day of love.

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