Will Smith pays tribute to Michael Jordan with the new Bel-Air Athletics


  • Brand: Bel-Air Athletics
  • Collection: Mj Mondays
  • Release date: already available
  • Place of purchase: belairathletics.com
  • Prices: from 44 to 61 euros

This collection of Bel-Air Athletics is now available

Michael Jordan has become the undisputed star of these days thanks to your documentary, that’s why Will Smith has not been able to resist to pay a tribute to the basketball legend.

For this occasion the Prince of Bel-Air, has wanted to design several models of t-shirts and long-sleeved inspired at the time in that the Bulls won 6 NBA titles in only 8 years, hence the reference to the periods between the 91 and the 93, and 96 to 98.

In this capsule of Bel-Air Athletics is also a stage in which Jordan was dedicated to baseball when forming part of the Birmingham Barons. But there is no lack of details-corporate, as the logos of the brand and the motivational messages to complete the t-shirts.

Besides, obviously the colours that you chose the team of Smith to the collection are the Chicago Bulls, which are already representative of all the success of Michal Jordan.

If you want to get any of these t-shirts know that are already available in the website of Bel-Air Athletics for a very affordable price that will from 44 to 61 euros.

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