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It is one of the artists most award-winning history for their incredible vocal technique. With a career full of eccentricities and moments embarrassing, has managed to create an empire of Christmas and boasts a huge fortune. We reviewed the always controversial career of the pop diva.

1. Mariah Carey he was born in Long Island in the state of New York, on the 27th of march 1970.

2. His father, Alfred Roy Carey, was black of venezuelan origin, and was devoted to engineering. His mother, Patricia Hickey, an opera-singing american.

3. His parents chose that name, Mariah, for a song, They Called the Wind Mariahfrom the musical The legend of the city without a name.

4. As a member of a family with a racial mix, suffered racism of small. Your dog was poisoned, and the car of his family, burned.

5. He began taking piano lessons at just six years old.

6. At school I had the nickname of ‘mirage’ (mirage), because it never used to show up much for class.

7. Has an enormous vocal ability, and has won awards for its registration, of eight octaves. Her highest octave is two octaves higher than a soprano normal.

8. Have your name in the Guinness book of world Records for achieving the highest note ever recorded by a human being.

9. He arrived in New York in the mid-80 without hardly any money, until in 1988 he crossed in his way Tommy Mottola, president of Columbia records, and they married.

10. She was awarded a prize as the artist most sold in the decade of 90 in the World Music Awards, beating even The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

11. It also holds the record of being the interpreter simpler has placed in the number 1 of the charts: a total of 18.

12. Your theme One Sweet Day, to duo with Boyz II Men, achieved a record sixteen weeks on the Billboard Hot, and remains the song with most weeks accumulated.

13. Ensures that Minnie Riperton it is his greatest influence.

14. He began working as a restaurant waitress and member of the choir of other singers to pay the rent.

15. Designing accessories and jewelry since 2006.

16. In 2007 she released her first perfume, M Mariah Carey.

17. Is the co-author and co-producer of her songs and likes to control everything, from your music and video clips to the rest of their work.

18. In 1990, he released his first album, Mariah Carey, and sold 6 million copies, reached number 1 with several of their singles and won a Grammy as a singer revelation.

19. It is one of the artists better paid and has a fortune of more than $ 800 million.

20. Has his own star on the Walk of Fame of Hollywood.

21. Has sold over 200 million albums. Only is below Madonna and Barbra Streisand.

22. When You Believeduet with Whitney Houstonincluded in the soundtrack of ‘The Prince of Egypt’, won the Oscar for Best Original Song. The day of the awards, Mariah and Whitney performed the song live for more than 2,000 millions of viewers.

23. His best-selling album to date, Glitter, was released in the tragic September 11, 2001.

24. Just a short time after he participated in the charity concert ‘A tribute to Heroes’, dedicated to the families and victims of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, where he sang Hero.

25. Participated in the Super Bowl in the year 2002 singing the american national hymn.

26. In 2006 their legs for a million dollars to become the image of a campaign of Gillette.

27. She married the actor and rapper Nick Cannon in 2008 and has two children.

28. After divorcing Tommy Motola, had a passionate romance with the mexican singer Luis Miguel.

29. Always controversially, in 2008 gave the lie to rumors that he was going to do a duet with Jennifer Lopez stating that “I’d rather be on stage with a pig”.

30. He was a judge on the talent show American Idol in its first year, and when negotiating your contract, you are assured of secure to JLo with the highest salary, of $ 18 million.

31. In 2012, the musical chain VH1 positioned to Mariah Carey in the second position of the list of the 100 older women in the music, behind only Madonna.

32. The music video for her song Obsessed was directed by the rapper Eminem, who said that they had an intimate relationship during the recording. She denied flatly.

33. Her career as an actress has been irregular. He made his debut in Glitter in 2001, considered to be one of the worst movies of that year. However, in 2009 he acted in Precious with a performance more than remarkable away of the glamour that characterizes it.

34. In 2001, after the promotional tour of the movie Glitter, Mariah had an attack of nerves and had to be hospitalized. Because of that, he missed the special on the 20th anniversary of the MTV, where she was to be the main star.

35. Mariah funded every year, a camp for children called Camp Mariah which welcomes young people who do not have the economic means to go on vacation.

36. Was a fan 15 years ago that he wanted to meet her, terminally ill, to a photo session, and the Billboard awards.

37. Among his eccentricities, ensure that has come to bring 20 suitcases for a three-day stay in a hotel.

38. Your good side is to the right, and only allows him to take pictures of that profile.

39. They also say that two days before a concert, Mariah Carey does not speak, only communicating by writing to protect your voice.

40. At the time of concerts, Mariah also uses a air conditioning special in his dressing room so as not to damage their vocal cords.

41. Had to apologize after collecting a prize, the queo which he received in the Film Festival of Palm Springs in 2010 in recognition of his role in Preciouswith a few more cups.

42. It is known for its extravagance. They say you have to go out shopping with 11 bodyguards, is extremely unpunctual, and only signing autographs if it is on tables is luxury.

43. He has always said that the only book that really interest him is the Bible.

44. “It is clear that Einstein and I have much in common”. He said that on one occasion the singer, although, to be honest, it was not referring to your intelligence, but the title of one of his records, which is the formula of the Theory of Relativity: E=MC2.

45. She starred in one of the moments most embarrassing of his career in 2014, in the concert of on of the Christmas lights of New York. Not presented to the previous trials, and in the straight did not reach the necessary notes.

46. Its iconic christmas carol All I want for Christmas is you has sold over 14 million copies worldwide and has generated more than $ 50 million in royalties since 1994.

47. This theme was born as a ballad inspired by the love of Mariah at her husband and producer, at that time, Tommy Mottola.

48. It is known as the queen of Christmas, and has managed to create an empire of this date. His single led to a television special, a children’s story, an animated movie and a christmas pageant annually and has raised over $ 16 million dollars.

49. The crisis of the coronavirus has affected the launch of his memoirs, and has had to be postponed. ‘I had a vision of love’ is the title, taken from one of their first singles.

50. Has confirmed that it will participate along with Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Alicia Keys, among others, in a benefit concert organized by Elton John to help against the Covid-19.