Adele, they claim that you might be ashamed of his new figure


After having dropped 45 kilos Adele looks great, but she has always been beautiful the to lose weight helped him a lot however it seems that ashamed of their new figure, they said.

A few days ago, shared a picture account of Instagram as it turned 32 years of age, leaving everyone with open mouth.

For quite some time Adele decided to give a twist to your life, and you chose to lose weight, changing your eating habits and exercising a lot.

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From the moment you shared your last photo thousands of positive feedback they began to parade through his publication even though there will always be one or the other begins to criticize you but these were the minority.

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According to the magazine TV Notes a source close to the singer of “One and only” he mentioned that Adele takes more than a year looking like today, and have spent thousands of dollars buying new clothes even for some later events.

Despite all of this reveals the source of the journal that in some occasions the british does not make the idea of your new body and that even in some instances, it has sense embarrassed because of their appearance.

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“Sometimes I find it hard to believe that looks as good as people say. She says she is surprised when she looks in the mirror but that really enjoys shopping for new clothes”.

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Although he admits that he is overwhelmed by a little the amount of attention that it now receives this also gives you a bit of grief, because even though he knows that today looks much better for your health perhaps in some occasions it feels a bit uncomfortable.

“Is having so much fun trying on things, from short dresses to creations to shine on the red carpet. It is as if he were making up for lost time and have spent thousands of dollars!”, he shared the source.

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