Aitana: “The album is almost finished and has a sound very pop 2000” | Music


Aitana it has become by its own merit in one of the faces most recognized of the music industry and Spanish. With only twenty years, the career of the young Catalan has only reaped successes. Topics such as Teléfono, I’m left, you’re Going to stay or +, they are the proof of it.

Now, a month after having released his single with David Bisbal, If you want to, Aitana re-draw issue: Enemies. For the occasion, the artist has partnered with one of the mexican groups most requested: Reik.

To tell us all the details on this new theme, the interpreter of Spoiler it has been connected this Thursday, may 14, from casa to our Youtube account of LOS40 to speak with our partner Dani Moreno ‘The Cock. It is a delivery to a very special where the artist has also given us some of the keys of his upcoming album.

“Congratulations, you’re going to be a mommy!”, he has said Dani Moreno, referring to her new theme. “So what! Yes, one song yes, I have pasted you a fright! I thought, ‘what news has come out already?’, as always come out false news”, has said Aitana between laughter.

The singer is at home nervous for the release of Enemies: “I’m very nervous because I don’t know which songs they like the most to my fans. I knew that You’re going to stay I was going to like and + also, but this is not what I know. But I can say that it is one hundred percent me.”

Enemies it is a song that takes you in the drawer over a yearas we have confessed Aitana. The artist composed it with Mango and Nabalez in April of 2019: “I wrote it in a camp with them and not wanted it to be for my disk, but that it should be a single for later. He knew that she was missing was a collaboration.”

It was then when she remembered the guys from Reik, with that had been agreed in the awards Dial of march: “we Talk about work there and sent to you in April the song and they accepted. The voices and that are recorded from a while ago, so we have not had a problem. The problem has been to record the video clip, but has not been able to be”.

The story behind the cover of Enemies

Luckily, there are many people with talent that can make a great video clip without having to record. In this way, the team of Aitana came up with the idea of making a music video animated. To do this, went to one of the illustrators most requested of the moment: Laia López.

“I was the one who got me in contact with her. I follow and admire for a very long time, even before I known”, begins by explaining the artist. “I told him that I would love to do the art of my video clip, the development of the characters and accepted”, he continues explaining. Yes, the part of animation has made Alchemy Studios.

Even the daughter of Dani Moreno, Paola, is a great admirer of Laia López, as we have been able to check in the interview.

What music has ready for the summer, Aitana?

Aitana has also confessed that he has thought out several songs until September or October. One of them is Floor 21, which certainly comes out in July. It also has another collaboration for September, but you can’t move forward with who. But these issues will not be within their second studio album, as we have been assured by the artist:

“In October I’m going to take a collaboration that is already going to go into”diskhe confessed the artist. In addition, Aitana has continued to give details on this future album: “The album is almost finished, has a different gender than I usually do, more like +”.

In addition, the artist ensures that she is very happy to have gotten into this sound: “It’s a pop very different, very of the 2000’s. It is more urban pop. It’s going to be another roll, but from October”

Will there be collaboration with Shawn Mendes?

Aitana and Shawn Mendes began to be followed in social networking more than a year ago. Since that time, rumors about a possible collaboration invaded the internet. Even Aitana got to know him after the concert that gave the canadian in Madrid.

“At the moment it is not planned, as I would like, I tell you. I don’t know if one day we will have the opportunity to collaborate. I had the good fortune to know him and have spoken with him several times. It is very nice, but neither is it my friend,” said the artist.

And what happened to that collaboration with C. Tangana?

We got to see Aitana and C. Tangana sharing study in 2018. But, what happened with that collaboration? “I’m lucky to have coincided several times. I love it. I’m addicted to her latest song. We have something out there, but we have to give more laps. But I would love to get something already with Anton because I love and admire him a lot.”

Balance of two years since the release of Phone

“If I’m honest I don’t have very good memories of the day that I threw the Phone”, begins by explaining the artist. “The people hoped to launch a ballad or something completely different. I wanted to take it out because it looked very summer and a lot of confidence in that song”. Yes, the artist ensures that there were few people that had confidence in that first single.

“That made me sad the day it came out, but little by little, the people he was going to receive more affection and to this day is one of my favorite songs”, has recognized the singer.

On the docutriunfito: “I always go to support to Amaia”

A few days ago Amaia replied to Tinet Rubira, the producer of operación Triunfo, about that docutriunfito that he recorded after leaving the program. The pamplonica, who has just launched his own documentary with Amazon Prime on the publication of her first disc, she defended of the accusations of Rubira about his estrangement from OT, this being the real reason that it did not out the documentary for TVE.

At that time, when Amaia was a trending topic, Aitana published a tweet ensuring that I loved very much your friend. The Catalan we have answered how he lived that time:

“If I’m honest, because I’ve had interviews this morning, and I have been asked by the topic. I put the Amaia on Twitter because I was talking about my single, super happy, and I suddenly saw that I was cited with Amaia with a photo of the two we were a Trending Topic and I was happy. I said, ‘Jom, I want a lot to the person who is here. Then I started to label things. Obviously, I always go to support to Amaia, but at that time I had no idea what was going on. Then I talked with Amaia and all is well”.