Alba Carrillo may not “concentrate” in their study sessions



Model Alba Carrillo has spent months trying to reconcile with masters its role as a collaborator in the television program ‘it’s noon’, their responsibilities as a mother of little Lucas -a result of his former relationship with the expiloto motorcycle road racer Fonsi Nieto – and those studies in Criminology that began recently with a view to a possible career change in the far future.

However, in these times of confinement in domestic linked to the crisis of the coronavirus, the madrid, who shares her home with her son, her dog Monday and her mother, Lucia, is not having exactly easy to disconnect for a moment from all that surrounds him, especially the smell of the delicious cannelloni that prepares its progenitor, to focus all their attention in the notes. Your nervousness is obvious and understandable, since their exams are just around the corner.

“Between Luke with his videos of ‘Home Schooling’, Monday, ‘wow, wow’, and the grandmother making cannelloni… What rich, by God, with this scent so rich, who can concentrate? And I already have date of exams”, has revealed the ex-wife of tennis player Feliciano Lopez, between the resignation and the joke, in your account of Instagram along with a short video that reflects perfectly the ‘chaotic’ situation that lives in your home.

Apart from these setbacks, it is certain that the mannequin could not feel more fortunate to share their day-to-day with the two most important people in your life and, of course, with his beloved pet. In fact, two weeks ago, and with the occasion of the celebration in Spain of the Mother’s Day, Dawn went up to his profile a touching picture of the four posing on top of each other in front of the mirror.

“Happy day of the mother and the grandmother and the mother barking. Any feeling of love is permissible. I love this photo! It is six years ago and I like it as always I see…”, he wrote in the same platform.