An argentine surprised Will Smith with a video and now is all the rage in the united States


Juanchi Amy Dunn it works by performing audio-visual, over the weekend went viral after impressing the actor Will Smith with a video about their characters in the film, which he shared in his account of Instagram.

The video got over a million views. Amy dunn, said that “I couldn’t believe it”, first saw that the author put `I like the video, and after a friend gave her the news that he had shared on his account of Instagram.

“In the afternoon I get a notification that he will put I like and I go into shock, I didn’t understand. I got into the profile to see if it was an account of a fan club and I realized that was him,” added amy dunn to Teleshow.

Instagram Juanchi Amy Dunn

He explained that in the video about Smith used a strategy that was to ask their followers to label the actor because I wanted it to come to him. And that he was impressed to see over 1000 comments, because in their publications do not usually have more than 100.

After Smith shared his video, the argentine said that allowed him to receive many proposals for work. “I wrote to a film distributor in Munich that they liked the work done with Will and I was told to think about the possibility of working in movie trailers, because that technique is something novel for the one that consumes film,” said an excited amy dunn.