An NGO child rejects a donation from the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine by “do not share your philosophy of life”


The rapper new yorker Daniel Hernandez, better known as Tekashi 6ix9ineit has become the character of fashion in recent times. After spending a few years in the jail for a crime of use of weapons, conspiracy and drug trafficking (in addition to a prosecution for sexual abuse of minors in 2015), it seems that it has returned with more force than ever, and that the street gang that betrayed for trying to reduce his prison sentence appears to have put a price on his head. Well, the rapper has returned and he has not stayed silent. The reason? A juicy record contract of $ 10 million that has already begun to bear fruit; the rapper has released a new topic, GOOBA, and has already made more than two million dollars in support

It seems that the rapper has felt magnanimous, because wanted to share their wealth with the most needy, and he wanted to make a donation of $ 200,000 to
No Kid Hungry
(No child hungry), a NGO focused on helping and try to reach food to the little ones and with work more than enough lately, with many parents out of work because of the coronavirus, and because of the deep economic crisis that is upon us. Since it seems to be that not all money is equalbecause the non-profit organization has rejected full donation of the rapper. The reason? The values and style of life of Tekashi are not in line with those of the organization.

According to the organization confirmed to the portal
through its director of communication, Laura Washburn, would not accept the money from Tekashi.

“We are grateful for the generous offer of mr. Hernandez to donate to No Kid Hungrybut we have informed their representatives that we need to reject this donation” said Washburn, “As an organization focused on children, it is our policy to refuse funds from donors whose activities are not in line with our mission and values”.

Imagine that Washburn refers to the criminal activities and sexual abuse of minors by the rapper was convicted, but this fact has outraged fans of the artist, that don’t understand how they can reject a money that both are needed.

The own 6ix9ine answered to the organization in his own account of Instagram, in a publication since deleted, writing: “No Kid Hungry prefer to remove the food from the mouth to innocent children, I have never seen anything so cruel”.

Fans of the rapper has been filling the media profiles of the association with responses and just the letter “L” for rejecting the donation.The association has had to delete posts, and restrict the comments.

What is all the money “good”? What should have accepted the donation of the rapper?