Anna Kendrick revealed what it will never happen with Pitch Perfect Do you Guess?

This December has been special for many things, especially for the long-awaited return of the Beautiful in Pitch Perfect 3.

The funny and talented girls of the famous group of academic music a cappella returned this 2017 for a final chapter, and as recently pointed out by Anna Kendrickthe only way that Pitch Perfect come back for new releases is only if the cast stays exactly the same. That is to say, nothing spinoffs with a new generation of Fine.

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“The only thing we will not do it as, do the thing Spiderman and bring a whole new cast and say like, ‘And now, get this girl a Scholarship! That is to say, it is not as if we changed his name!”, said Kendrick in a recent interview with MTV.

The protagonist of Pitch Perfect he said this referring to the phenomenon of Spiderman, history that has had three reboots since 2002, with a series of films featuring Tobey Mcguireother tapes led by Andrew Garfieldand the new generation of Tom Holland.

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Ruby Rose, who joined the third installment of Pitch Perfect as Calamity, also agreed with Kendrick and assured that he would be “devastated if they continue without me.”

Is this the adios final from the Fine? Only time will tell!

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