Anna Kendrick reveals she had no money to buy shoes when she was nominated for an Oscar | News


Though Anna Kendrick it has become one of the actresses most popular Hollywood, things don’t always marched so well for the actress. During an interview with Ellen Degeneres, the protagonist of Pitch Perfect revealed that in 2010 when he was nominated for an Oscar as Best supporting Actress, had no money to buy a pair of shoes to attend the gala: “My stylist told me that I had to use the perfect footwear for my dress. As the film had not been released to that time, no one knew me really. Because of this, the shoe stores did not want to lend me shoes for the event, then he asked me: ‘can’t you buy a pair of Louboutins?’ and I thought: ‘I Am very poor’”. For that reason, the actress of 31 years tried everything to earn a little more income: “When I was promoting with Up in the Air the distribution company I happened to be staying in hotels very cute. So there was a moment in which I said: ‘what If we make another trip to New York could take me to a hotel cheaper and give me a bit of cash?’, and they said: ‘No! Well not this works’”. However, after his nomination to the Oscar Kendrick jumped to stardom, so has not stopped working since then with great success. It is currently promoting the film Trollswhere she shares credits with Justin Timberlake which will be released in a couple of weeks.