Anna Kendrick: The sensual math


The thriller The accountantdirector Gavin O’connor, premiered this week in cinemas mexican, a movie starring Ben Affleck, who plays the mathematician Christian Wolff. This man leads a double life: his job as an accountant is only the lid to hide its link with the criminal organizations in the world’s most dangerous.

Everything changes when this counter must work with Dana, an accounting clerk –performed by Anna Kendrick– that it has discovered certain inconsistencies in a company of robotics. In the interview, Kendrick shared some of their experiences to record this movie and the reason why I decided to become a character expert in mathematics.

“My mother is an accountant, so I knew I would be very excited about a movie in which math is something sexy and accountants live in a world that is dangerous and exciting (laughter). And the idea of being in one of those movies where you get more and more of it when you see it time and time again, it was really exciting for me,” said the actress.

About his character, Kendrick said he is the first person to notice some irregularities in the accounting of the company where you work, Living and Robotics. In this situation, the company hires the character of Ben Affleck to solve the problems.

“She wants to find out what is going on and don’t want to leave it in the hands of a stranger. So she has to balance the desire to make a part of the process against what a lot of this type do not like working with her.”

About his experience working with Ben Affleck, the actress stated that this actor is a person very warm, which made it more easy to interact with your character, a man who has a very strong character.

“I had a great time working with Ben because it is very practical. I really admire actors who are aware of all of the people that are working on the same project and try to do everything together… therefore, I was very happy to work with him very closely”.

Kendrick is an actress that is characterized by providing certain comic elements to their characters. On this occasion, asked for help to his mother to achieve fun moments with Danna.

“I asked my mom’s material to be able to improvise. It was not the kind of material that could easily improvise, because it is very technical and a bit above my level of knowledge in terms of mathematics. So I sent my mom the script, I kept what my mother said to me for about two months and then came straight out of my brain”.

On his experience participating in a thriller that focuses on your tension, in mathematics, the actress believes that what you can feel through the scenes of this film are equal to what cause some of the tape action.

“It is my favorite action. Think of how exciting it was to see Hunters of the lost ark and see Indiana Jones being chased. Is that type of environment. The protagonist is so advanced not only in mathematics, but in a kind of combat, I guess, that it is very funny watching him do his work.”

The girl next door

Anna Kendrick is that in the united States is known as the girl next door, that is to say, the girl-to-side, which is pretty outstanding and also has that air of simple beauty that is not hard to find.

Born in Portland, Maine, 9 August 1985, she also sings (his vocal range is soprano) and rose to fame after her performance as Natalie Keener in Up in the air (2009), for which he received a nomination to the academy awards, the BAFTA and the Golden Globe as Best supporting Actress.

Among his most recognized are their shares in Rocket science (2007), Twilight (2008), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), 50/50 (2011), Pitch perfect (2012), Into the Woods (in the who plays Cinderella, 20149 and Pitch perfect 2 (2015).

As a good representative of her generation in Hollywood, the girl is one of the most followed on social networks. His Twitter account has almost 6 million followers, a space in which you normally have fun more publications of your professional life that personal.

The international press qualifies it as a girl serious and quite normal, but his lanky figure, his perfect features and a natural elegance is perfect for the covers of magazine and the marks to hire her as a fashion icon.

But the hallmark that distinguishes you, and that adds to the girls of her generation, is the intelligence. This is how she looks to her companions and, she says, is what can be found today among the stars of cinema americans: a sensual blend of beauty and brains focused.