Attention fans! A figure of Hollywood will appear in The Simpsons


Despite the pandemic, The Simpsons continue releasing chapters. This Sunday will be broadcast live in the united States, what will be the final chapter of the season number 31 of the successful series created by Matt Greoning. To be a special episode, the production was invited to a figure in Hollywood to say this at this time. It is Cate Blanchett who will voice one of the characters.

Unlike other big stars like Lady Gaga or Ronaldo, who are interpreted as themselves in the series, Cate Blanchett will only be the voice of one of the protagonists of this chapter entitled ‘The Way of The Dog’. As revealed by the american press, the episode will be this Sunday, may 17, in the screen of Fox and the main protagonist of ‘The Curious case of Benjamin Button’ is construed to Elaine who is part of the past of the life of ‘Assistant Saint’, the dog of The Simpsons.

Beyond this participation, Cate Blanchett be prepared for great challenges once overcome the pandemic in the united States. It is being enlisted to be part of two films that promise to be a success. In the first place, to star to star Armaggedon Times, which will lead James Gray and produced RT Features. The story in this film directed by Gray bring to life the experiences of the director as a student in School, Kew-Forest in the new york neighborhood of Queens.

On the other hand, the big bet of Cate Blanchett for the time post-pandemic, is to join the cast of eparto Don’t Look Up, the new project from Adam McKay, which will be broadcast through Netflix, and will be also starred by Jennifer Lawrence.This story follows two astronomers of low-profile that it will embark on a tour of media in which to warn Mankind that an asteroid is approaching and will destroy the Earth

In this way, Cate Blanchett remains active despite the fact that coronavirus has slowed down many projects in Hollywood. It should be noted that in addition to your participation in The SImpsons and in these two films, the actress joined the project of Borderlands, the adaptation of the popular video game series that prepares the production company Lionsgate.