Batman: Robert Pattinson will not exercise physical changes to play the bat in DC Comics Henry Cavill Superman or Jason Momoa on Aquaman


DC Comics found at Robert Pattinson the ideal person to be Batman in a new movie, although fans did not like much the decision. In specific, the followers of the hero of gotham City criticized this designation by the physical actor.

In the comics, Bruce Wayne looks an impressive musculature, which helps to fight the evildoers that threaten his city. The requirements in this sense are high for Robert Pattinsonor at least were, since they have decided not to change his appearance for the role.

Also in compliance with the quarantine by coronaviruses, the actor denied doing any type of work especially to increase your muscles. “In the 70’s no one wore such a physical. I consider that to be training all day causes you to be a part of the problem,” he told GQ magazine.

Let us remember that in the same DC universe, Henry Cavill -Superman and Jason Momoa -Aquaman – worked on his physique to be as close as possible to their animated versions. Now, to the surprise of many, it is possible that we will see a Batman more stylized.

“I want to set a precedent… to break stereotypes,” added the new ‘dark Knight’. However, maintaining a healthy routine. “My diet has to do with many protein powders, and oats, in addition to eating a lot of tuna,” said Robert Pattinson.

Finally, Robert Pattinson recalled an anecdote about his physical form when it was his turn to be the protagonist of the Twilight saga. “During the recordings at that time I was asked to remove the shirt. What I did, but right away they asked me to put it again,” he said.