Bella Thorne decides to change their ‘look’ and makes it go crazy all with the result


California, USA.- The current season of quarantine by coronavirus (Covid19), without a doubt has become one of the few ms spades in the story, because too many people to be seen with plenty of time have taken the opportunity to experiment and make all kinds of changes in their lives.

This has already been seen on personalities such as Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, say some, who is now I decided to join this club, was actress and singer, Bella Thorne, who showed their new ‘look‘where radically his hair ceased to be the same.

Through Instagramthe young woman I shared a series of images that showed their hair with a color brown and some wicks blondes, with this she asked her fans tell him his best reviews.

Although there were all kinds of comments, the majority was fascinated by the result, since does not stop to praise the artist with all sorts of words flattering.

Wow you look better than before!”.

Perfectly, you are wonderful”.

You are one of the most beautiful that exist in Hollywood, I hope some da to meet you”.

Your post it got so fast, almost 700 thousand likes and more than 2 thousand comments, which flattered perfectly Beautiful.