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Humor, drama, villains in power, or great superheroes, all with maturity of five decades, receiving several plaudits and awards for his performance in memorable Hollywood productions.

Names like Robert Downey Jr., Bryan Cranston, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves top the list of artists with five or more decades, which are shining in the entertainment industry.

Robert Downey Jr.

For example, let us think of ‘Iron man‘. A super hero apparently must be young, handsome and muscular. Although it does not take away merits with regard to its beauty, Robert Downey Jr. you already have 54 years old in this world, and in 2019, led the cast of Avengers: Endgame, considered to be the highest grossing movie of the story.

His role as Tony Stark in ‘Iron Man’, besides his charisma, is what has become a world star.

Bryan Cranston

Another Hollywood star is the actor Bryan Cranston. He started acting in the 80’s but not had too much recognition. When he had some fame, had 44 years and participated in the well-known series ‘Malcolm in the middle‘. However his greatest success was registered by passing the 50 years in the production of ‘Breaking Badportraying Walter White, a role which has given him several awards including a Golden Globe and an Emmy award.

Cranston currently has 64 years.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt to their 56 years still stealing glances and sighs of their fans.

The critics have not seen is that the reward of his work for ‘once Upon a time in… Hollywood’. Although in the full glory of his career he decided to retire temporarily from the action, as he indicated in an interview for the australian magazine CQ.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is another star that has returned to the top of his 55 years. Reeves swept in 2019 with his return to the character of Neo in Matrix 4.

His appearance at the awards Oscars 2020 caused an uproar in social networks.

The list will add several more names, such as Patricia Arquete of 51 years old, who received an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the miniseries ‘The Act‘. Or Adam Sandler (53 years), a comedian recognized worldwide thanks to his humor and charisma is still present in the film industry.

Another of the great resurrections of professionals has been the Billy Crudup of 51 years old, which has captivated fans with his participation in ‘The Morning Show’, this made it a worthy winner of the Critics Award, the AmericanCritics’ Choice Movie Award).

Jennifer Aniston

One of the women most beautiful of the industry is Jennifer Anistonthat their 51 years old it has a power media impressive. With it we completed the small list of stars that are in all your splendor professional.

The star of the popular series ‘Friends‘you created an account on Instagram in October of last year and exceeded 15 000 000 ‘I like‘on its first publication.

Without a doubt the 50 years take strength in the industry and claim more fame to the stars of Hollywood.(E)