Britney Spears is a victim of bullying in social networks


The former princess of pop opened yesterday his heart in Instagram and shared with his followers how much he hurt comments haters and all those people who are in charge of writing unpleasant words about it.

Britney Spears confessed that read harsh comments from the people “really hurts my feelings.”

The singer, 38-year-old, he is constantly sharing updates in Instagram and Twitter, including videos of herself dancing and doing exercise, or modeling their outfits favorite.

However, the clips of Britney Spears sometimes attract comments bad people, which led the artist to express his opinion on the matter.

In particular, he shared an image with a message that read: “No one looks at you harder than the people who don’t support you”. Britney Spears was accompanied by the photo in Instagram writing: “I have read many things online of people who criticize my posts. To me, it excites me, but read the comments bad really hurts my feelings (…) should not be saying all these bad things to someone you don’t even know it! This really really intimidates anyone!!!”.

Britney Spears invited users of the social networking to reflect on this type of behavior.

“Difficult times such as those we are currently living really should teach us to be kind to one another,” he said.

It also apologized to users who didn’t like a video on that Britney Spears appeared riding a horse. “I’m sorry I have offended someone “.

“I think that it is important to see things that bring happiness during tough times, and that clarify a situation can sometimes help people! I love you all. stay safe and be kind,” said the performer who has millions of followers in the networks.