Chris Hemsworth believes that Thor desperately needed to Taika Waititi

The entry of Taika Waititi in the UCM was really blown by how different Thor: Ragnarok ended up being the rest of the films from Marvel Studios, something that gives thanks to Chris Hemsworth, that during the last few years has been giving life to the hero asgardiano in this franchise.

The actor told in a recent interview why his character needed to the director of indian origin to give new aires and would bring a kind of humor that is very hard to find.

It is absurdly fun. But do not confuse this incredible energy, almost child with someone who is not prepared. It is a combination quite unique to have the ability to, through humour, to relax, but is also equipped with the knowledge that a director needs to liderarte through the process. And it came at a time in which I hoped desperately that there was more humor in this character“.

In his time arose criticism of any kind indicating that in Thor: Ragnarok had too much humor. Despite this it is one of the great successes of the UCM and is one of the films more like those who are not very related to the cinema of superheroes, as well as with Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, movies, with more humor than many others devoted to such characters as Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk.

We can expect more of the humor of Waititi in the UCM because the director is the maximum responsible of the sequel Thor: Ragnarok when Thor: Love and Thunder it debuts on February 11, 2020.