Chris Pratt be the new Indiana Jones


Disney have clear that Indiana Jones 5 should become a reality. The tape promises to be the well-deserved farewell Harrison Ford and one of the characters most memorable in the history of the seventh art. In the same way, it is also preparing to face the face wash that will give Indiana Jonesbecause the saga would continue in the following years.

So, Indiana Jones 5 would have Harrison Fordbut we would submit to his successor. After the fiasco of Shia LaBeouf in the fourth installment, the people of Disney decided to search for a type of charisma and profile appropriate to take over from the veteran actor. In the same way, in the company are very aware that the legions of fans will not accept either, so everything points to the option of Chris Pratt will end up being thrown. In fact, for those who doubt that it is the perfect choice, this deepfake going to get us out of doubts. Eye, because it is cool a lot.