Demi Lovato confesses all the details of your relapse: ‘I felt abandoned’


There is No doubt that nothing and no one stops to Demi Lovato. The singer has had various obstacles in their life, and that is something that she does not hide. One of them occurred just in 2018, when he had a tough relapse, after 6 years of sobriety.

Demi Lovato was the program Ellen Degeneres to talk about his new single ‘I Love Me’ (which came out march 6), although it has a very positive message, Demi Lovato wanted to talk about the topic, opening fully the heart to your fans and followers.

“I got in touch with the people that were on my computer, and I responded: ‘you’re being very selfish. This would ruin things not only for you but also for us'” mentioned Demi Lovato in a way very sensitive. “My main problems are the abandonment of my biological father when she was a little girl. He was an addict, an alcoholic, had to leave it, and I have many memories of his departure. So when they were played totally with that fear, and I felt completely abandoned,” confessed the singer of 27 years. It was in that moment that Demi Lovato turned to take, and then, in 2018, was when he had an overdose.