Demi Lovato made public his relationship with Max Ehrich


Even though he already had suspicions about this relationship, recently Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich they have had their first public appearance as a couple, getting to know his love through the music video Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber launched to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus.

It is known that the singer and the actor of 28 years have maintained a relationship since march of this year, however, both had tried to keep this part of your life private until now.

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The couple appears inside the music video Stuck With Youa clip that shows a large number of couples they are sharing time together during this quarantine. As well as include scenes of romantic couples, we also see sisters, mothers and daughters among a huge number of possible combinations. But what called more the attention was the revelation of some new relationships, among them those of the Max and Demi.

The couple appears with a lighting purple color while dancing hugging, the tender moment he thrilled the fans of the singer, as it long had waited for a confirmation from your part with respect to its new love. Later, the actor and the singer shared this clip in their accounts of Instagram, as well as other moments together.

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Previously, Demi and Max commented on Instagram that made fans suspect that they were spending the quarantine together, which became stronger when Demi appeared suddenly in a live where Max played some tunes on the piano. Do you like this new couple?