Demi Lovato talks about her first encounter with Justin Bieber | Love 40


Demi Lovato passes a stage of personal and professional more exciting. After having faced and won for the excesses, the singer proves that there is nothing that can destabilize your emotions. A message empowered that you arrive a few days of the conclusion of the International Women’s day.

But going with the grain. Demi was touring the television studios and the studios of radio stations to promote his latest hit I Love Me. A song that used to launch a critique of their haters, and the media that published comments malicious about his life. She has taken the reins and, therefore, the authorship of any step you perform.

It has been precisely in one of these visits to the television in which both their followers as well as those of Justin Bieber have received a pleasant surprise. The canadian visited in the program of Ellen Degeneres unexpectedly to chat about your current state of health and on this such an interesting stage career. The meeting was marked by the smile of both, and the enthusiasm to be found, although the star moment came when Lovato was asked if he remembered the first time they met.

The refusal of the singer, the of New Mexico he decided to share it with the viewers. “I was on tour. I was 16 years old and I believe that you, 14. You were on the outside of a radio station, I was doing an interview that day, you acercaste, you ran over to me and asked me: ‘can you get a picture with you?’, and I said, ‘Yeah, of course’. It was a very sweet moment. And you said to me ‘My name is Justin. Justin Bieber. You’ll know my name some day.‘”said the artist. Milliseconds later, the studio was flooded with the cries of the public.

So it is. A little Justin Bieber he predicted the future a Demi Lovato who had just succeed in Camp Rock. Years later, both are two of the young artists most listened to at the international level. Life can get to be surprised.

What is certain is that there has always been that special connection between our protagonists. While it is true that during the relationship Justin with Selena, it is rumored that such a connection is expired, returned to become the best of friends. So much so that before the controversy of Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun, and the canadian, Lovato shared publicly his stance in favor of the latter. Best Friends Forever!