Demi Lovato teaches us how to carry cut long bob


Long, short, asymmetrical, layered. The mane of the singer Demi Lovato has gone through all the styles in the last decade. But, months ago he surprised his fans with a new haircut not seen since about two years ago.

And is that Demi is pure inspiration in terms of beauty and style. Now it is your hair black that has all the attention of your followers and fans.

She has now opted for a cut “long bob” which is spectacular and is the ideal for the roundness of your face and large eyes.

In the last few months saw him with a long mane of black, but Demi decided to made a few tweaks to your image and the first choice was his hair.

Easy cutting

The court style “long bob” is the one which is like three or four inches below the chin and is slightly tilted, with an asymmetric version.

Generally, the haircut goes shorter at the back at the nape and longer in the front mainly. Then you can take it all dawned and what influences the change is the type of style that suits you depending on your tastes.

Another versatile look of this hair cut is that it flatters all types of faces and stands out for having the front a little longer. We also provided a touch much more fresh and natural your image.

Without a doubt, Demi, age 27, is the queen of the changes of ‘look’ and this is best for you. And without doubt, his style “long bob” could become one of the trends of the spring.

She always wears her mane smooth with the tips paraded to give movement to the hairstyle and give more volume.

So if you take the decision of saying good-bye to the long hair, the best option is the long bob in layers. Sure that it will be officially cutting the hair of the most popular of this season.

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