Despite her pregnancy, Alex Morgan amazes with its practice


Alex Morgan will become a mother very soon, but this is no reason for you to stop to train and keep in shape. The footballer american has surprised millions of users when you share a part of his intense routine at home and the video is breaking down the social networks.

Morgan hung up in your account of Instagram the video of his training in the garage of his home and at the same time encouraged his followers to exercise at home, to be safe, because these moments are complicated at the global level due to pandemic coronavirus. Here the images of the routine of the player of USA, who has served as an inspiration and example to several generations.

Morgan, with the mind on OLYMPICS

One of the reasons why Alex Morgan has shown consistency in his physical state it is because it keeps the hope of being able to go to the Olympic Games of Tokyo, that, precisely, were postponed a year due to the outbreak of the COVID-19. So soon, she does her work and only expects to be able to be taken into account next year.

Alex Morgan is well-positioned as one of the players regarding USA today, and along with colleagues such as Megan Rapinoe have spoken out to demand equality in many areas in regard to what is experienced with the Selection of Football Men. They set the tone for what’s to come with the next generation.