Do you want your lips voluminous as those of Angelina Jolie? If so follow these tricks it Works!


If you want to have a few pouty lips and provocative, I highly recommend you follow these easy tricks

Today in day it is possible to achieve a plumping without the need of going to the operating room, so that is why in this opportunity we will show you some beauty tips to show off the lips of infarction Take note!

Exfoliate your lips: Boasts some pouty lips by using a natural exfoliant, to do this, mix a tablespoon of honey and one of sugar, then applied with the help of a tooth brush by making circular massages for two minutes, then remove with plenty of cold water.

Hydrates the lips– It is critical to moisturize daily the lips with a moisturizing balm with sunscreen is also wise to avoid the daily use of lipstick for long-lasting, since the excessive use of this product brings dryness in the lips.

Apply a bit of menthol: The effect of menthol manages to freshen up the lips and give a touch of volume. To use you mix 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly with 5 drops of oil of menthol, then apply on your lips and leave on for 30 minutes, after which time remove with plenty of water.

Cinnamon powder: The cinnamon is ideal for lips fleshy, to do this, mix a tablespoon of olive oil with cinnamon, then apply it over your lips with a cotton swab and rub in circular massages for three minutes, subsequently removed with cold water.

Used two-tone lip: To achieve the thick lips is essential maquillarlos properly, for this you have to use the lip giving a tone more strong in the middle of your lips, then with the fingertip, blend the color towards the edge, so you’ll achieve a wonderful effect.