Does the father of Amber Heard threatened to Johnny Depp?


USA, Los Angeles.- The father of Amber
Heard he threatened to shoot Johnny Depp, according to statements in legal documents
obtained by The Blast. According to the report, David Killackey, the owner
Performance Allison Transmissions, stated that Amber became abusive towards
he and his father made him “death threats” to Johnny in a
phone call.

He says that he said to Amber that all the
work on the car should be paid for directly, instead of passing through the
management of Johnny. “The response that I received is what can only be
described as a response extremely hostile to Amber. I did everything
possible to convey to him that he did not want to get in the middle of the dispute between
she and Mr. Depp. She did not receive this information very well,” reads the

“His first reaction was to verbally abusing me with expletives, threats and a complaint continuously about what she said was an unfortunate global financial recession of your personal finances caused by Mr. Depp. In a moment, she said, ‘my mother,’ to me you’re fucking’,” continues the declaration, according to the specialized medium

Then Killackey stated that the
conversations with the father of Amber became threatening. “During the
attempt to facilitate repairs, modifications and additions to the Mustang received
many text messages and phone calls from the father of Amber, the Sr.
David Heard. After the separation of Amber and Mr. Depp, Mr. Heard is
he became very embittered with Mr. Depp”.

During a phone call with the
father of Amber, he says that his father said: “He is ruining the race
my baby and is cheating in Hollywood… and when you get to him, I’m going to
overcome it… I Am from Texas, and men From Texas to lead 45, and Johnny is going to
meet the end of mine!”, published through The Blast.

“The spine-chilling experience
first hand of Mr. Killackey with Amber Heard and his family exposes the reason
behind the deception of the abuse of Amber Heard: the money,” said the lawyer
Depp, Adam Waldman. The defamation lawsuit of $ 50 million of the
actor against his ex-partner is scheduled for trial in August of 2020.