Ellen DeGeneres joked with Serena Williams about the relationship with the rapper Common


Serena Williams was beginning to emerge as the winner of the tight race between the Williams sisters for the year 2010. Slowly it was becoming clear that it would go with more victories and more titles.

However, their actions were making a lot more noise than a sibling rivalry. Had amassed 10 Grand Slam titles and their competition was not at the height of it. United states was slowly as the star that he was and his appearances in interviews and television programs night were normal.

One of those appearances was in the show of Ellen DeGeneres 2009. SerenaEl behaviour and style of talking was characteristic of his personality is cheerful and the confidence that leads to victories. Let’s look at what he did in this interview special.

What did Serena Williams in the show of Ellen DeGeneres? The conversation between Serena Williams and Ellen DeGeneres began with a discussion on the difficulties of playing tennis. She talked about the heat in Australia, where he had just won his tenth Grand Slam title.

Ellen wanted to know how you managed to withstand so much heat that Serena began promoting his Nike shoes. This triggered off a funny chain of events that you can see in the video.

The most interesting part of their conversation involved their relationship at that time with the rapper Common. Although Ellen does not mention explicitly his name, what insinuaría. Serena would be separated from him in 2010.

He also spoke about his rivalry epic with her sister Venus Williams. Serena explained how Venus would remain extremely normal after losing against her, but she would lose the calm you have lost any time at Venus.

This was an interview very funny in many ways. Supporters of Serena Williams should definitely see this interesting video.